How to play 9 Line Slot Machines

These popular casino games where invented in the late 1800's by Charles Fey, as part of the technological revolution that brought about the phonograph, the telephone and the automobile. Being easy to use, offering instant winnings and giving higher payouts for smaller bets, slot machines where fast in becoming one of the most popular casino games of all times.

The Object of Slot Machines

The object of this casino game is quite simple. To make combinations of simbols that win prizes in accordance to a payout chart.

Online slot machines have several displays that show the player what their status is:

  • Credits: The total number of coins remaining in the player's balance.
  • Paid: The number of coins won from the last pull.
  • Lines: The total number of pay lines that the players has selected. Players are paid only for winning combinations that occur on selected (active) pay lines.
  • Coins Per Line: The total number of coins being wagered on each of the selected pay lines.
  • Total Bet: This is the total number of coins to be wagered on the next spin. This is equal to the number of selected lines multiplied by the number of coins per line.
  • Coin Value: This is the monetary value of each coin.

Online slot machines have a series of controls that allow the player to select their plays:

  • Select Lines: The select line buttons allow the player to select the pay lines that will be active during the next spin. A minimum of one line must be selected before spinning the reels. Selecting all lines offers the best opportunity to catch a winning combination.
  • Max Bet Spin: Allows the player to quickly bet the maximum number of coins per line and immediately spins the reels if at least one pay line has been selected.
  • Coins Per Line: Increases the number of coins per line by 1 coin. If the player exceeds the maximum number of coins per line, the value will restart at 1. Once the desired number of coins per line has been set, and at least one pay line has been selected, the player may spin the reels manually by clicking the spin button.
  • Spin: When at least one pay line has been selected and at least one coin per line has been assigned, the spin button will become enabled. Clicking the spin button will cause the reels to begin spinning. Note that cashing out or inserting more coins is not permitted once the reels have begun spinning.
  • Pay Table: This button allows quick access to a summary of all the game's winning symbol combinations and their associated payouts.

The Bets

Select a denomination for the slot machine. This will set the value of each coin played. Next, select which pay lines should be active for the next spin by clicking the Select buttons. Finally, click the Coins Per Line button to wager one to five coins on each of the selected paylines and press the Spin button to start the reels. Alternately, you may also use the Bet Max Spin button to automatically wager five coins on all selected lines and spin the reels (balance permitting).

The Spin

Each reel will begin to spin and one by one stop on a random symbol. The resulting combination along any of the selected pay lines will determine the payout.

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