What are the different types of bets JustBet offers?

JustBet offers the widest variety of wager types and propositions including:

  • Sides, totals, parlays, teasers, if-bets, reverses, futures, money lines, buying points and more.
  • NFL Wagering: 1st & 2nd Halfs, Quarter lines, team totals, regular and special teasers, propositions
  • MLB: 1st & 2nd Halfs, run lines, alternative run lines, propositions - total hits, runs & errors, team strike out match-ups, team to hit more home runs, team to score first, will there be a score in the 1st innings, individual team totals
  • NHL: Canadian line, puck line, money lines, period lines, grand salami, and more.
  • NBA: 1st & 2nd Halfs, Quarter lines, team totals, special teasers, propositions.
  • NCAA: 1st & 2nd Halfs, quarter lines, team totals, propositions.
  • Horses: win/place/show, daily doubles, exactas, house Q's, propositions.
  • Golf: pick the winner, match-ups, stroke lines, tournament propositions.
  • Boxing: money lines, over or under, pick the round, decision propositions.
  • Tennis: individual odds to win, match-up odds.
  • Nascar: pick the winner, match-ups, top three, future bets, propositions.

Which sports can I bet on?

JustBet offers sports betting and online wagering on all major sporting events, including Pro Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, NASCAR, golf, horse racing, boxing, rugby, Formula 1 racing, and much more. We also offer wagering on Political events, the Academy Awards, the Grammys, Reality TV shows, and more. For a complete listing of what sports are currently available for wagering, please check our live betting lines.

How do I place a bet?

You may place a wager either online or over the phone using your JustBet username and password.

What is the minimum and maximum wagers allowed?

  • The minimum wager is $1 online, and $100 over the phone.
  • The maximum wager is up to $20,000 online, and $20,000 over the phone. (or currency equivalent)
  • Higher limits may be granted upon request.

If I make a betting error, can it be reversed or refunded?

No. Once a wager is made and accepted it is final.

How do I find out if I have won the bet I placed?

All sport wagers are graded immediately after completion of the match. You may check you History online to see the results or check your account balance.

How do I collect my winnings?

At JustBet, it is important to us that when you win, you're able to get your money out as quick and easy as possible. We offer a number of withdrawal methods, including payouts ready in under 12 hours through Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Payouts can be requested and processed from Monday to Friday (not on weekends). You can request one payout a day using Bitcoin or any other crypto currency, and one payout a week using any of the other methods we offer.

For a complete list of options and details, visit the Cashier today!

If you have any problems with a withdrawal, please don't hesitate to use the Live Chat option in the Cashier to contact our support team anytime. If you need any help with crypto currencies, our dedicated team can be reached at 1 855-535-4947.

If I place a parlay and a selection is a push, what is the outcome?

A push in any parlay reverts the parlay down to the next lower level. i.e. a 2 team parlay reverts to a 2 team parlay, a 2 team parlay reverts to a straight bet.

Does JustBet offer a 10-cent baseball line?

JustBet offers a 10-cent progressive baseball line.

  • 105 to 139 - 10 cents
  • 145 to 169 - 15 cents
  • 175 to 189 - 20 cents
  • 200 to 225 - 30 cents
  • 240 to 285 - 40 cents
  • and the line gets progressively wider as the line gets higher.

How do I deposit funds in my JustBet sports betting account?

JustBet offers a wide variety of methods to deposit funds into your betting account. For a complete listing and description of deposit methods, please see our Depositing Funds section.

How do I make a deposit with my credit card?

  • You can deposit over the phone or online with your credit card.
  • Online, simply login and click on "Cashier". Then select your credit card option and complete the form.
  • Over the phone, simply call toll free 1-855-274-8313 and a customer service representative will be happy to handle your credit card deposit.

How do I make a person to person deposit?

To make a deposit using Person to Person transfer, just visit your Cashier, select "P2P", choose the option you want, and follow the steps. If you need any assistance, please contact us on Live Chat or by calling 1-855-274-8313.

Is there a minimum/maximum deposit amount?

Yes, there are minimum and maximum amounts allowed, and these are not the same for every method. Please check your Cashier to see the current limits for the method you are interested in.

Does JustBet reimburse my deposit and withdrawal transaction fees?

JustBet will reimburse all transaction fees for deposits of $300 or more. (or currency equivalent). For complete details on withdrawal transaction fees click here.

How do I withdraw funds from my JustBet account?

You can request a withdrawal online from Monday through Friday. Simply login, open the Cashier, and select the method you would like to use. 

Does JustBet reimburse my deposit and withdrawal transaction fees?

JustBet will reimburse all transaction fees for deposits of $300 or more. (or currency equivalent). For complete details on withdrawal transaction fees click here.

Are withdrawals always put back by the original deposit method?

No, there are no requirements for withdrawing funds back to the original method. You are free to deposit with any of the methods available and withdraw with any other method you would like.

Do I need to supply a copy of the front and back of my credit card and photo ID before I can make a withdrawal?

Yes, if you have deposited using a credit card, you will need to send copies of the card and your ID to make a withdrawal. You can submit your documents through the 'Account' > 'Verifications' section of the Cashier.

I am receiving a password error. What should I do?

Contact our customer service department at 1-855-274-8313 or email Customer Service.

What happens if I forget my username or password?

Contact our customer service department at 1-855-274-8313 or email Customer Service for assistance in recovering either.

May I change my account information?

You may change your account information at any time, excluding the account holder's name.

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