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Let's face it. If you're here with us at JustBet, you're here to join the millions upon millions of people out there who wager on sports. Though most love to try their hand at some of the major sports out there, JustBet has you covered no matter what your game of choice is. From baseball in the spring to football in the fall and hockey in the winter, there's always something going on at JustBet. But even if you prefer sports like golf, soccer, or even rugby or curling, there are betting lines and several betting options available for your favorite sport.


Baseball is the great American pastime. It's a grind for bettors across all forms of baseball, knowing that there are 162 games in the MLB season and well over 60 in the college baseball campaign.


The seasons for the NBA and College Basketball are both generally ignored by bettors at the beginning, knowing that they're running into the middle parts of the NFL and college football campaigns. But when it comes time for the postseason and the NCAA Tournament, the hardwood is where sports bettors want to be locked in.


It's the big kahuna of the sports betting world. More people will bet on football than for all the other sports combined over the course of the calendar year. The games are fewer and farther between in football than the rest of the major American sports, and that's part of the draw that sports fans and bettors have for the action on the gridiron.


Soccer betting might not be the biggest thing in the United States, but across the rest of the world, there's nothing quite like wagering on the 90-minute war. The variance in soccer is huge, knowing that one moment of brilliance is often all that separates two teams on a game in, game out basis.


Virtually every week, there's golf going on somewhere in the world. No matter whether you're an enthusiast about the PGA Tour or the European PGA Tour, there are odds available to win every single tournament on the docket. With the huge fields that play in most of these events, the payouts can be huge on the links.


If you're looking for great competition, the Stanley Cup playoffs are where it's at. Every team has a legitimate chance to win it all once they get into the postseason, and the margins between wins and losses are always razor-thin. The NHL isn't always the biggest draw for sports bettors, but those who enjoy watching the action on the ice are always in for a treat.


One of the newest crazes in sports is MMA. Of course, when everything thinks of MMA, they think of UFC and all of the big name fighters who have jumped into the cage. But there are betting lines available for virtually every major MMA event out there, including Bellator, Glory, and so many others.

Motor Racing

Gentlemen, start your engines! Racing at JustBet is a big deal no matter whether we're talking about the Indy Cars, NASCAR or Formula 1. If they race it, you can bet on it at JustBet. Auto racing is happening somewhere in the world at just about all times, and if it's there, we're on top of it.


You might not believe it, but there are more tennis matchups to wager on daily at JustBet than just about anything else we offer. Serving and volleying is our game for sure, and we love offering betting lines on every single WTA and ATP event over the course of the year. Tennis isn't just about the Grand Slam anymore at JustBet.

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